Message from the Director

Director Carmencita Padilla


Seventeen years of wonderful journey have passed since the founding of the Institute of Human Genetics in 1999.  We have witnessed it flourish and grow.  It has overcome and is still facing many challenges but it stays true to its mission and goals Now, we are adding more services to our programs and expanding the scope of our services.  We have piloted the implementation of the Expanded Newborn Screening in 2015 and is now fully operational at our Newborn Screening Center.  From testing for 6 disorders, additional tests were made available to cover 28 disorders. .  This means more patients will be served and more lives will be saved.

We also look forward to the implementation of our plan to make available the services of Cytogenetic, Biochemical Genetics, Microarray, Molecular Genetics and Hemoglobinopathy Laboratories to the communities outside Metro Manila.  We will partner with the Newborn Screening Centers, hospitals and other Newborn Screening facilities by making them collection facilities for the tests and services of these laboratories.   In the near future, we will be able to provide more support not just for the patients but for their immediate family and relatives through genetic counseling services as we see more graduates of our Master of Science in Genetic Counseling program. 

To date, we are now a certified ISO 9001:2008 facility as of August 2015 and we constantly seek for excellence and continuous improvement of our systems and services.   .  With all these accomplishments and plans already in place, it is our hope that the development in the Institute will contribute to the control of all genetically-related deaths and disabilities so that the quality and quantity of lives of the patients will be improved.