About MSGC


The Master of Science in Genetic Counseling is a two-year degree program that prepares students to become competent genetic counselors. Genetic counselors are health care providers with specialized training in psychosocial counseling of patients and members of their families with risks for genetic disorders. They provide genetic counseling which involves data gathering of family history information and assessment. Genetic counselors work closely with the clinical/medical geneticists who provides the clinical diagnosis and management of a patient. They also work with a team of other health care providers (i.e. social workers, nurses, nutritionists, and other specialized medical professionals) to provide the best care to patients and their families.

The degree program will serve a vital role in the access, delivery, and expansion of medical genetics, not only in the Philippines but also in the Southeast Asia region. 


Core Courses (16 units)

Genetics 201

Principles of Human Genetics

3 units

GC 201

Principles of Genetic Counseling

3 units

Biostat 201

Principles of Biostatistics

3 units

EP 201

Principles of Epidemiology

3 units

Biostat 206

Research Methods I

2 units

HPEd 261

Organization and Management of Health Programs

2 units

 Major Courses (13 units)

GC 202

Psychosocial Aspects of Genetic Counseling

3 units

Genetics 202

Public Health Genetics

3 units

GC 203

Applied Genetic Counseling

3 units

GC 207

Seminars in Genetics and Genetic Counseling

1 unit

GC 204

Professional Issues in Genetic Counseling

3 units

 Elective Courses (2 units)

GC 205

Genetic Counseling in Hospital Setting

2 units

GC 206

Genetic Counseling in Community Setting

2 units

CE 297

Seminars in Health Social Science

2 units

MI 238

Applications of Internet Technologies in Health Care

2 units


Master's Thesis (6 units)