Molecular Genetics Unit

Molecular Genetics LaboratoryThe MOLECULAR GENETICS UNIT is primarily engaged in research that aims to study the basis of common genetic diseases. Using relevant technology, our studies seek to gain knowledge that can be translated to the improvement of diagnosis and treatment of diseases that are unique and common to Filipinos.

To this end, our unit also offers services that will aid health researchers in their studies. We also offer patient services for the screening and diagnosis of particular diseases.


-    DNA Extraction
-    Nanodrop UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Rental
-    Sequence Analysis  
-    Sequence Analysis of Select Genes
-    Thalassemia Screening via HPLC
-    Thalassemia Mutation Analysis via Reverse Hybridization Strip Assays                                
-    Analysis of X-linked Dystonia Parkinsonism
-    Referrals for Molecular Diagnostic Tests (outsourced)

Download  Molecular Genetics Brochure

Contact the Molecular Genetics Laboratory for more information:

The UP-NIH Molecular Genetics Laboratory
Institute of Human Genetics
The National Institutes of Health
2nd floor, 620 Pedro Gil St., Ermita, Manila 1000
Telephone: 5310-1780 local 113