World Birth Defects Day March 3 2019

             The Institute of Human Genetics National Institutes of Health (IHG-NIH) UP Manila joins in the celebration of World Birth Defects Day happening on March 3, 2019 with the theme “Many Birth Defects One Voice”. Around 8 million children are born with birth defects each year - around 3 million deaths are due to birth defects and those who survive may become disabled for life. The impact of birth defects are particulary severe in low-middle income countries, such as the Philippines. For more than 6 decades, congenital defects have been in the top ten leading causes if infant mortality in the country. A better and more comprehensive infant and child care in our country is needed to bring down the prevalence of birth defects in our country For the past two decades IHG has been devoted to providing quality genetics services to the Filipino people by taking part in increasing awareness on the prevention of birth defects in the Philippines. To know more about the World Birth Defects Day and how you can take part in the advocacy, you may visit . and