The Institute of Human Genetics (IHG) began in 1990 as the Medical Genetics Unit of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine which in 1999 became as one of the service and research oriented institutes of the National Institutes of Health-University of the Philippines Manila (NIH-UP). Since then all services of the Medical Genetics Unit were transferred to the Institute and is now the largest provider of genetic services in the country.


Genetics Counseling Program




The Master of Science in Genetic Counseling is a two-year degree program that prepares students to become competent genetic counselors. Genetic counselors are health care providers with specialized training in psychosocial counseling of patients and members of their families with risks for genetic disorders. They provide genetic counseling which involves data gathering of family history information and assessment. Genetic counselors work closely with the clinical/medical geneticists who provides the clinical diagnosis and management of a patient. They also work with a team of other health care providers (i.e. social workers, nurses, nutritionists, and other specialized medical professionals) to provide the best care to patients and their families.

The degree program will serve a vital role in the access, delivery, and expansion of medical genetics, not only in the Philippines but also in the Southeast Asia region. 

Core Courses (16 units)
Genetics 201
Principles of Human Genetics
3 units
GC 201
Principles of Genetic Counseling
3 units
Biostat 201
Principles of Biostatistics
3 units
EP 201
Principles of Epidemiology
3 units
Biostat 206
Research Methods I
2 units
HPEd 261
Organization and Management of Health Programs
2 units
 Major Courses (13 units)
GC 202
Psychosocial Aspects of Genetic Counseling
3 units
Genetics 202
Public Health Genetics
3 units
GC 203
Applied Genetic Counseling
3 units
GC 207
Seminars in Genetics and Genetic Counseling
1 unit
GC 204
Professional Issues in Genetic Counseling
3 units
 Elective Courses (2 units)
GC 205
Genetic Counseling in Hospital Setting
2 units
GC 206
Genetic Counseling in Community Setting
2 units
CE 297
Seminars in Health Social Science
2 units
MI 238
Applications of Internet Technologies in Health Care
2 units


Admission Requirement for Prospective Students

Academic Information

The Academic year is divided into 2 semesters of 16 weeks each, excluding registration and final examination periods.

1st Semester - June to October
2nd Semester - November to March (two-week Christmas vacation in December)
Summer Sessions - April to May

English is generally used as the medium of instruction. A full time student's normal load is 12-15 units per semester and 6 units during summer; a part-time student enrolls in half of these.

The tuition fee is P990.00 per unit, library fee is P1,050.00 and other fees is P350 per semester. A student with a load of 15 units in a semester matriculates P16,250 on the average while a foreign student pays an additional Educational Development Fund of USD500.00 (USD100 for residency only) for every semester.

There is a processing fee of P300 for Filipino applicants while interested foreigners are charged USD30. Application materials are submitted at the end of December each year.

The following are the grade requirements for each student to be in good standing in the program: !) general weighted average od 2.00 or better, 2) weighted average of 2.00 or better for the major required courses, and 3) no grade of 5.00 in any academic course. A maximum of 5 years is given to a student to finish the program.

Living accommodations for students maybe provided in privately-owned housing units/dorms/apartment hotels. Dorms offer lodging and/or board.

The master's degree will be awarded upon completion of 29 units of formal courses (core and major courses), 2 units of elective/cognate courses and 6 units of thesis work.


Admission Requirements

The following are the minimum NGOHS requirements: 

  1. Good scholastic record from any recognized institution of higher learning
  2. Entrance interview
  3. Duly accomplished Application Form (available at the NGOHS) together with the following documents: 
  • original copy of the official Transcript of Records
  • 2 recommendations from former professors, supervisors or employers (forms included in the application packet)
  • receipt of processing fee paid at the UPM Cashier's Office
  • certified true copy of college diploma with the seal of the university and the signature of the registrar in ink
  • 4 passport size photos
  • resume or curriculum vitae
  • photocopy of birth certificate and marriage certificate for married female applicants
  • essay on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper stating the interest in genetic counseling and your view of self directed learning as a method of instruction, and a description of your research interest.
       For foreign applicants, additional requirements include:
  • original Transcript of Records in English. If written in another language, must be translated to English and authenticated by the Philippine consulate/embassy from country of origin
  • certified true copy of diploma with the seal of the university and the signature of the registrar in ink. if written in another language must be translated to English and authenticated by the Philippine consulate/embassy from country of origin
  • TOEFL (or its equivalent) score of at least 500 (written test) or 173 (computerized test) if English is not the medium of instruction in the country of origin
  • affidavit of support or certification of financial capability
  • photocopy of passport (present original for verification)


Master's Thesis (6 units)

Email: msgc@upm.edu.ph