Biochemical Genetics Laboratory

Biochemical Genetics

The Biochemical Genetics Laboratory is a specialized laboratory that renders services for the diagnosis and clinical management of inborn errors of metabolism (IEM). The laboratory started in 2001. Locally-available tests are offered, as well as overseas tests for some highly specialized diagnostic tests.

The locally-available tests are as follows:

•   Urine Metabolic Screening
•   Urine Organic Acid Analysis    
•   Comprehensive Urine Metabolic Profile
•   Plasma Quantitative Amino Acid Analysis
•   Paired CSF/Plasma Quantitative Amino Acid Analysis 
•   Plasma Branched Chain Amino Acids Quantitation
•   Plasma Homocystine Quantitation 
•   Metabolic Acids Panel
•   Plasma Acylcarnitines Quantitation
•   Carnitines-Organic Acids Panel
The overseas tests currently available are as follows:
•   Biotinidase screen
•   Tetrahydrobioptern (BH4) Deficient Hyperphenylalaninemia
•   Lysosomal Enzyme Assay
•   Peroxisimal Lipid Panel
•   Transferrin Isoforms
•   Very Long Chain Fatty Acid Quantitation
•   Lysosomal Storage Disease Enzyme Assays
Contact Biochemical Genetics Laboratory for more information:
Biochemical Genetics Laboratory
Rm. 204, Institute of Human Genetics,
National Institutes of Health
University of the Philippines, Manila
Tel Nos: (632) 5310-1780 loc. 103 / (632) 85261725