The Institute of Human Genetics (IHG) began in 1990 as the Medical Genetics Unit of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine which in 1999 became as one of the service and research oriented institutes of the National Institutes of Health-University of the Philippines Manila (NIH-UP). Since then all services of the Medical Genetics Unit were transferred to the Institute and is now the largest provider of genetic services in the country.


IHG launches the first Institute-Based Biorisk Management





The Institute of Human Genetics (IHG)

successfully launched the very first Institute-based Biorisk Management Committee and a biorisk management manual at the National Institutes of Health Conference Room in UP Manila last August 4, 2015. The occasion was graced by the presence of the IHG Director, Dr. Mary Anne D. Chiong, and the Chairperson of UP Manila Institutional Biosafety and Biosecurity Committee and Deputy Executive Director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Raul V. Destura. Dr. Chiong gleefully introduced each member of the committee representing the different laboratories and offices of the Institute


The locally-available tests are as follows:

•   Urine Metabolic Screening
•   Qualitative Urine Organic Acid Analysis  
•   Comprehensive Urine Metabolic Profile
•   Plasma Quantitative Amino Acid Analysis
•   Paired CSF/Plasma Quantitative Amino Acid Analysis
•   Plasma Acylcarnitines Quantitation
The overseas tests currently available are as follows:

 •   Tetrahydrobioptern (BH4) Deficient Hyperphenylalaninemia by the Department of Newborn Screening Center, The Chinese Foundation of Health, Taipei, Taiwan
•   Lysosomal Enzyme Assay by the National Referral Laboratory for Lysosomal, Peroxisomal and Related Genetic Disorders, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide,
•   Very Long Chain Fatty Acid Quantitation by the to Kennedy Krieger Institute, Peroxisomal Laboratory, Baltimore, USA
•   Lysosomal Storage Disease Enzyme Assays (Temporarily not available)