The Institute of Human Genetics (IHG) began in 1990 as the Medical Genetics Unit of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine which in 1999 became as one of the service and research oriented institutes of the National Institutes of Health-University of the Philippines Manila (NIH-UP). Since then all services of the Medical Genetics Unit were transferred to the Institute and is now the largest provider of genetic services in the country.


Acta Medica Philippina. Genetics Issue 1 Volume 42 Number 2. 2008

Volume 42 Number 2. 2008
By Judith Hall
By Perla Santos Ocampo

Overview of Genetic Services at UP Manila
Carmencita David-Padilla

Correlation between Dried Blood Spot Thin Layer Chromatography and Plasma High Performance Liquid Chromatography of Leucine/Isoleucine Levels among Filipino Patients with Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) seen at the Institute of Human Genetics, National Institutes of Health. Yaplito-Lee J, Chiong MAD, Rana MD, Rama KD, Cavan BCV, Cordero CP and David-Padilla C.

Characterization of Mutations at Nucléotide 1138 of the Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 Gene in Filipino Patients with Achondroplasia. Silao CLT, Asprer JST, Abaya CE, Chiong MAD, and David-Padilla C.

Evaluation of ras Mutations in Filipino Colorectal Patients. Carrillo MCO, Chao FC, Silao CLT, Cutiongco-de la Paz EM, and David-Padilla C.

Genetic Polymorphisms of Glutathione S-Transference P1, T1, and M1 in Pediatric Patients with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in a Philippine-Tertiary Hospital. Alcausin MMLB, Fajardo PD, Silao CLT, Goleta-Dy A, Melendres EA, Cutiongco-dela Paz EM, and David-Padilla C.

Profile of Oral Cleft Cases Reported in the Philippine Oral Cleft Registry from May 2003 to December 2006. David –Padilla C, Cutiongco-de la Paz EM, Lucero F, Villafuerte C, Cardenas J, Villanueva E, for the Philippine Oral Cleft Research Study Group.

Overview of Forensic Services by the UP-NSRI DNA Laboratory: a 4-year Report. De Ungria MCA, Calacal GC, Delfin FC, Tabbada KA, Salvador JM, Sagum MS, Dalet MRM, Franco SAEL, Maiquilla SMB, Perdigon HB, Villamor LP, and Halos SC.

DNA Tests for Maternity Determination. Calacal GC, Salvador JM, Tabbada KA, Franco SAEL, Maiquilla SMB, Sagum MS, and De Ungria MCA.

Gaucher Disease in Six Filipino Children: a Case Series. Chiong MAD, Estrada SC, Cutiongco-de la Paz EM, and Yaplito-Lee J.

Oto-Palatodigital Syndrome in a Filipino Child. Chiong MAD and Cutiongco-de la Paz EM.

Malignant Infantile Osteopetrosis in a Filipino Child. Chiong MAD, David-Padilla C, Racho AR, and Hiquina MA.

Trisomy 8 Mosaicism in Two Filipino Children. Chiong MAD, Salonga EAG, and Cutiongco-de la Paz EM.

Multiple Congenital Anomalies in a Filipino Infant with Trisomy X Syndrome. Chiong MAD, Mercado ARS and Cutiongco-de la Paz EM.

Ring Chromosome 13 in a Filipino Child – A new category with new features? Chiong MAD and Cutiongco-de la Paz EM.

Methylmalonic Acidemia in Two Filipino Children. Chiong MAD, Dela Cruz-Rama KI, Demata MA, Rosales VG, Cua-Lobo E, Lao NT, Palpal-Latoc AA, and Yaplito-Lee J.

Use of PCR in the Amplification of the rpoB Gene of some Philippine Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates and SSCP Analysis of Rifampicin Resistance. Dalet JT and Reyes MVT.

Molecular Epidmiology of Hepatitis G Virus (HGV) Infection in the Philippines. Dalmacio LMM and Ramirez BL.

Biophysical Chacterization of the Interaction between Sense Chimeric RNA-Antisense Partial Intermolecular Duplexes (SCRAPIDU) and Target RNA. Castell MHAF and Mojica MP.

Isolation, Purification, and Molecular Characterization of the Putaive Asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase cDNA of Schistosoma japonicum. Sarmiento-Pinlac MTT and Ramirez BL.

Detection of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Infection among Apparently Health Adults undergoing Pre-employment Screening. A Comparison between three Hepatitis B makers: HBV DNA, HbsAg and anti-HBC. Evangelista KV and Ramirez BL.

Effectiveness of Three Antigen Retrieval Techniques for the Use in Immunostaining of Formalin-fixed Schistosoma japonicum Egg Antigens in Mouse Granulomatous Livers. Guillergan FP and Ramirez BL.

Comparative Study of HSc-Reactive Protein and Lipid Profiles of Members of Four Filipino Families Suspected with Familial Hypercholesterolemia. Paladar EMB and Leaño MB.

The Effect of Lipase-Hydrolyzed and Unhydrolyzed Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) on the Growth and Beta-Lactamase Activity of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Deocaris CC and Leaño MB.

Determination of the Lymphocyte DNA Resistance to Oxidative Damage Imparted by the Consumption of Soy Bean-Supplemented diet in the Murine Model Using Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis Assay. Lizaso AA and Ramirez BL.