Training Programs

Fellowship in Clinical Genetics
A two-year fellowship program in Clinical Genetics is offered and designed to provide broad clinical exposure to areas of dysmorphology, biochemical genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and neonatal screening programs. The training program consists of genetics clinics, pediatric ward rounds, consultations regarding familial disorders and birth defects, and participation in regularly scheduled pre-clinic and post-clinic conferences. Experience in genetic counseling and training in laboratory procedures for the diagnosis of genetic disorders are important components of the program.
Masters in Genetic Counseling
A two year program in genetic counseling is offered to prepare students to become competent genetic counselors.  Students receive specialize training in family history taking, risk assessment, and psychosocial counseling for patients and members of their family. Graduates of the MS in Genetic Counseling program will work closely with the clinical medical geneticists and other healthcare providers in providing supportive care for patients, as well as educators and as a resource for the community.  The training of students to become genetic counselors serve a vital role in the access, delivery, and expansion of medical genetics in the Philippines.

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